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E Manifest is an online marketing agency that focusses on creating meaningful solutions for your online presence in terms of online findability, web experience and creating online impact.

We are looking for the essence of your company, for its added value and unique identity. Every company has its uniqueness and adds something extraordinary to the world. It is our challenge to discover these unique qualities, make them visible and strengthen them.

This approach results in more relevant website visitors spending more time on your website, receiving more positive feedback and above all generate more conversions.


On the solution

Our team consists of specialists each with a specific discipline, knowledge and character.
This variety of personalities and knowledge creates extensive interaction when working together on
the different aspects that play a role in online marketing. These aspects ranges from search
engine advertisement
to website development and optimisation to bringing brands to life and
creating extensive marketing funnels.
We create a fitting solution for every question related to online marketing. This allows us to become your online partner for both small and specialised projects and bigger projects that require integration of many different disciplines, extensive knowledge and experience to create outstanding results..

What We Do



Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is paid advertising for your website in a search engine like Google or Bing. Advertising in search engines is an interesting way to attract relevant (audience-targeted) visitors.

After setting up the strategy, keywords and ads, the campaign will be optimised based on evaluations and revised where necessary. Our critical look and expertise is proven via measurable results that we have gained throughout the SEA landscape.

Whether you’re considering starting an ad campaign or using our critical look at a running campaign, contact one of our SEA experts, you’re in good hands.


When a visitor utilises a search engine to look up your company name, service, or product, search engines display organic results alongside paid ads. These organic search results have the potential to refer many visitors to your website, which translates into leads, sales, or recurring visitors.

The goal of Search Engine Optimisation is to ensure the process of referring visitors to your website is as efficient as possible.

The services we offer that fall under SEO range from technical SEO to Content Optimisation. Every website is different and requires its own unique strategy, therefore, please contact one of our SEO experts to determine how your website can be found online more easily.


A website nowadays offers much more than just a compact business card. Working together with you, we accurately determine the goals of the website, find the possibilities, and ensure that they assemble into a highly coherent website.

We do this by using an integral approach that brings together brand experience, (sales) strategy, user-friendliness, technical reliability and online marketing into a synergy that produces a strong and impactful result.

Every website vision and goals are different, so please contact one of our Web development experts to determine what we can contribute to building or improving on your website.


In many cases, website visits alone are not worth much to you. We speak of a successful visitor when the visitor has completed a pre-planned action.

When a visitor performs this action, it is called making a conversion. This action may include, for example, completing a contact form, requesting a quote, or making a purchase.

A website can contribute to implementing this action in various ways, depending on the website and the conversion. Please contact one of our Conversion Experts to determine how we can improve your website and generate more conversions.


When visitors encounter your business, either by visiting your website or seeing your logo, a bridge is built between your business’ appearance and the feeling that it generates within the visitor.

This feeling is mainly created by what the visitor sees and reads, and determines the initial value the visitor assigns to your business. A branding style that evokes care and its own unique voice is priceless to the brand experience.

Our branding services result in branding styles that often include (re)designing websites and/or logos. If you are interested in our Branding services, please contact one of our Branding experts.


Email marketing is a dynamic and affordable online marketing channel that allows you to approach a large audience.

Creating engaging mailings about new products, services, developments, or offers can help you add value to and strengthen your customer relationship. It is also a means by which you can attract visitors to your website.

We are a certified Active Campaign Partner, which enables us to deploy your mailing campaign as effectively as possible and meet your goals with accuracy and ease.

If you want to know more about how to use Email Automation for your business, please contact one of our Mailing experts.

E Manifest

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Facilitating company growth by online marketing is our mission. We are passionate specialists learning and performing better every day. We are focused on helping companies grow faster and better using smart online marketing strategies. As a Google Partner we are among the top Dutch online marketing agencies.
Are you looking for a partner with a proven track record and specialists working on your projects pro-actively? Then you have got the right address. We will do everything to help your company grow, this is our mission. As online experts, we work on projects with passion and joy every single day. We stand for growth, quality and focus on our clients.

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